Making the Most of Press Release Distribution Services (Press Release Distribution China-The China Box)

Date:2020-07-22 21:54
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It’s almost impossible to talk about business publicity and Public Relations (PR) without talking about Press Release Distribution. (Press Release Distribution China-The China Box)

As business owners and entrepreneurs strive to dominate their niche and command a substantial online presence, there has been an increase in the demand for Press Release Distribution.(Press Release Distribution China-The China Box)

What is Press Release, and why is it causing such a buzz across different facets of industries and businesses?(Press Release Distribution China-The China Box)

Let’s lay a background on what press release is and then move on to see how you can make it work for you.

What is Press Release?

Just so we don’t get ourselves lost in a grammatical maze; we will keep our definition simple for easy comprehension.

A press release is a more formal way of saying advertisement or media promotion. It involves making your brand known to your target audience all over the world. 

However, a press release is built around momentous events or something newsworthy/noteworthy you would like everyone to know about.

A press release is often regarded as a landmark announcement. 
Contrary to the notion that press release works best for only established companies or brands, press releases can work magic for both startups and the so-called “Big” brands.

Taking advantage of Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution can work magic for every size and model of business regardless of which niche or industry they belong.

As simple as it may seem, press release distribution requires a certain skill set, resources, and insight to execute.

If properly deployed, it will yield massive results. On the flip side, it will drown your investment if you entrust your project to an inexperienced press release distribution company. We will share tips with you on how to manage such a delicate project. 
So, you have written a stunning press release, and you are thinking about how best to distribute the news.

Your primary aim is to get your press release on major online media platform and press release distribution sites that are capable of reaching your intended audience.
Having gotten these preliminary points out of the way, let’s see how you can increase your chances of getting published on major news outlets and making the headlines.

1. Get a Polished Press Release

Your press release should be well-curated and crafted with powerful highlights.
Also, you should be brief with your submissions and ensure that it’s not only newsworthy, but it should arouse the interest of your audience (starting with the editor). 

If the editor of where you are hoping to get published faults our press release, your chances of making it to the spotlight becomes slim.

2. Release Date - Timing is key!

The business landscape is filled with competitors trying to beat you to the big stage.
Always research on upcoming events in your industry and find out if a major announcement or event is happening around the same time you are planning your press release.

A major announcement will steal your crowd and reduce the extent of your coverage. So, always ensure that you maintain the center stage.

3. Use the right Anchor Text and Links

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not your primary goal for doing a press release, it helps in driving more traffic to your website.

You can increase your website ranking and generate organic leads by using the right keywords as anchor texts and adding links to will redirect readers to your website.

4. Get the Right Press Release Distribution

The success of your press release distribution is as good as the company managing the project. 

Take your time to assess the company; find out the extent of their coverage, their track record, their expertise, success rate and check reviews or comments of previous clients.

5. Free Vs Paid Press Release Distribution

When deciding whether to opt for free press release distribution or paid press release distribution, have it in mind that paid press release distribution services have more tools and distribution networks at their disposal. 

Free press release distribution often has limited reach with less guarantee of making the kind of impact you envisioned.

Always put competent and reliable press distribution company like the China Box on your campaigns. This way, you’d be sure of getting the most return on your investment and make a significant impact with your press release.

Hopefully, these tips help you make more sense of how professional press release distribution can impact your brand awareness campaigns and publicity. Feel free to talk to us about your project. It will be an honor to help you achieve your dream.
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