SEO Press Release Distribution: Why Keywords Matter(News Release China-The China Box)

Date:2020-12-21 15:21
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In our last post, we talked about SEO press release distribution and how it can boost your online visibility and credibility. If you missed it, worry not! You can always catch up. Since you are here, let's discuss the importance of keywords in your SEO press release campaign. (News Release China-The China Box)

It may interest you to know that at least 71% of journalists prefer to receive news and press releases from brands than other content. This means that more people are looking for information about brands online, and optimizing your press release will attract more attention and build your online visibility.(News Release China-The China Box)

Always settle for a professional press release distribution company for your PR!

Having mentioned "online visibility," it's always advised that you get a professional press release firm like The China Box to handle your press release (PR). Why? You wouldn't want your publicity campaign to blow on your face. That's what happens if you let an unprofessional handle your awareness campaign.(News Release China-The China Box)

Search Engine Optimization also makes your content accessible. SEO-friendly press releases can be used to reach your target audience and catch the attention of prospective clients from all over the world. Ultimately, you will be increasing your brand's reach.(News Release China-The China Box)

How Do Keywords Help SEO Press Release?

Yes, SEO can get your press release across to your target audience — individuals, firms, journalists, renowned media outlets, and marketers. The million-dollar question is, how do you achieve it? If you still at sea about this question, we have got the answer — Keywords!

What Are Keywords?

Your press release may be compelling and newsworthy, but what becomes of it if nobody can find your "big news"? If your contents are not accessible, they won't be seen or read, and the aim of your press release would have been defeated.

How Do You Make You Make Your Press Release Accessible?

Use the right keywords! You need to research your keywords and ensure that they are relevant to the news or information you are putting out in your press release.

Short-Tail Vs. Long-Tail Keywords

While doing your keyword research, you would have to decide what type of keywords you want to use. Keywords are grouped into two — short tail and long-tail keywords.
Do you have any idea what they mean?

Suppose you want to find the "best press release distribution firm" on google. If you type in "press release firm" into the search bar and hit send, you will get results on "press release firm" and nothing on "distribution."

Keywords with a short string of words are referred to as short-tail keywords, while longer search phrases like "the best press releases distribution firm," as illustrated in our example, are called long-tail keywords.

And the reason isn't far-fetched! They are longer.

Studies have shown that long-tail keywords are more effective because they help narrow searches to specific items/queries on the internet. Hopefully, that explanation helps.

Interestingly, keywords can also be used as anchor texts for your backlinks. However, remember to use your keywords correctly. Here is how.

Your press release should have at least one target keywords, incorporate keywords into the headings, and have them in the first paragraph. Don't overuse anchor links — the lesser the batter!

While doing your keywords research, take your time to find words most internet users will use to find your posts or publications. Think like them.

Because keywords are an essential part of search engine optimization, it always best to get professional help for keywords research. Professional press release distribution firms likeThe China Box offer content writing and optimization as part of the press release services.

This offers you an opportunity to leverage our expertise and put out captivating content for your press release.

Benefits SEO Press Release Distribution

Speaking of reaching a wider audience and receiving more backlinks, other benefits of SEO press release distribution include:
·Getting mentions
·increasing referral traffic
·building brand and site authority and, of course, 
·Boosting online brand visibility.

Looking for A Professional Press Release Distribution Company?

While catching the attention of potential clients, SEO keywords for your press release distribution will help you rank above your competitors and launch your press release to the top of search engine results pages — and that's enormous publicity. You are welcome to check in with us at The China Box for professional SEO press release distribution services.
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