Top 5 Press Release Distribution services in China 2021, Detailed review(News Release China-The China Box)

Date:2021-03-20 22:52
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We find this article by searching our name PR China Wire, it is a great piece to recommend more peer companies doing press release distribution in China. (News Release China-The China Box)

Today one of the most profitable businesses is press release distribution. But finding a proper press release distribution is quite hectic. A good press release will aim at putting forth your press release in an appropriate audience. (News Release China-The China Box)

You can go for one of the two ways, such as hiring a newscaster or going for a press release distribution service. Finding a good journalist is not easy, but landing on a decent press release distribution service can do you a lot of good.(News Release China-The China Box)

When there are so many options available for the best Press Release Distribution in China in 2021, opting for the right one can be challenging. Good thing for you that we have just finished shortlisting the top 5 press release distribution services in china regarding all factors and odds.(News Release China-The China Box)

What is the main purpose of a Press Release Distribution Service?

The first thing that you should know is what exactly a press release does. You must understand its working and service policies. What exactly you do is that you use it to broadcast your brand’s message to the particular audience concerning that. The message is sent to various locations throughout China. (News Release China-The China Box)

After this, some newscasters link other organizations and press releases to your business. Now many people ask about the methods of submitting the press release. There are two basic ways of posting your press release to that press distribution service, or you can send it to various magazines or papers for publishing. The cost may vary for each.

5 Best Press Release Distribution Services

The aim was to make the choice of a good press release service easier for you. We reviewed each distribution service based on various parameters, including pricing, quality service, and many more. So let’s get started with the review!

1-PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a press distribution service that aims at allowing you to target the best audience. This press distribution service starts at quite a low package, so it is suitable for new businesses. You can also target intrastate and interstate audiences. So if you are at a starting phase or want to approach a targeted industry, this is the right choice.

Standout features:

●Numerous media outlets daily.
●Excellent engagement analysis.
●Attachments of multimedia with the report.
●Add on video embedding services.
●Updates of the target audience.


●Well-targeted influential audience.
●Excellent plans for multimedia
●Expert team for embedding multimedia
●Low-price services are available.
●Translational services are available.


●In the essential plan, the proofreading feature is not available.

2-PR China Wire:

No matter your location in China, no matter whatyour topic is, if you want to get your words out and known to the right audience, this news distribution service is your top pick. With PRChinaWireas your messenger, your business will surely bloom when the targeted people hear your message.

The best thing is that PRChinaWire has, like with influential websites, that your message is put forth in front of a big audience.

Stand out features:

●Experienced media team
●Deals with expert marketers and PR.
●Excellent customer success policies.
●In link with a prominent and influential audience.
●Expert writers and writing team.


●Fast impact on the audience
●A fully equipped translation is available.
●Deals with the larger audience
●Ties with influencers and decision-makers
●Exert media and writing team


●Suitable for small enterprises.

3-Business Wire

The Business Wire is included in our top picks for press distributions. It has a vast network of press releases. The targeted audience is enormous. This website has started many new methods on the study and working and will keep you on the top. Not as great as PRChinaWire, but this indeed a competition.

Standout Features:

●One of the best distribution services
●Decent multimedia strategies
●Local and individual services available.
●Large distribution network


●Wide industry target.
●Advanced multimedia embedding
●Fast report generation
●Expert writing services
●Low-cost writing and release.


●Translation capacity is small.

4-Globe Newswire

Globe Newswire is a network that one must go for in case of a better workflow. This press distribution will allow you to access specific tools at the best rates. The targeted audience is quite influential and is global. You will be given multi authorities through this network, such as writing, publishing, and report generating. It will keep you updated with the audience and surely will add success to your business.

Standout Features:

●It gives access to all necessary tools.
●It allows you to monitor in real-time.
●A broad scope of targeted audience
●Fully customized facilities.
●Experienced team for every domain.


●Customized hosting.
●Real-time monitoring.
●Wide audience scope.
●Experienced team.
●Small workflow.


●The press release range is not that big.


Our runner-up is the B2Press distribution service. It works quite traditional and not as advanced as compared to PRChinaWire. This distribution service works best on the reputation of the organization. With experienced staff, it has the best plants for you to with. It will surely target the right audience for you.

Standout features:

●Best in online services
●It combines the release in 30 countries.
●Vast press distribution network.
●Well equipped digital PR
●Price is average


●Experienced team for media and distribution.
●Generate a free monthly analysis report.
●The target audience is potential investors.
●You can update your audience online.


●The service is online-based.


If you can land on the best press release distribution service, it is a lot better than publishing a well-written press release. Now that you know of China’s best press release distribution services, you can choose the one you can afford. In our opinion, PRChinaWire would be the right choice if you consider all the factors, including the pricing. So now it’s all up to you how to reach your desired audience. These top press distribution services have vast networks that cover all domains of social media. So make the right choice and add to your business. Good luck!


Want to add to your business’s success with an appropriate press distribution? Then here are the top five press distribution services in 2021 in China.
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