1150 x 536 Worldwide


Simple, Flexible, Cost-Effective
1, Asia-41 countries & regions
2, Europe-33 countries
3, North America-2 countries
4, South America-15 countries
5, Africa-29 countries
6, Australia & New Zealand

The China Box team has 21 years of professional experience in int'l PR

121 selected countries and regions we are good at:
 Asia*-41 countries & regions
Press Release Distribution Leader in Asia with a Global Network

 Europe-33 countries
1, West Europe: UK*, Germany*, France*, Italy*, Spain*, Portugal, Netherlands*, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg
2, East Europe: Russia*, Ukraine*, Belarus*, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia
3, Central Europe: Poland*, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary
4, North Europe: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
5, South Europe: Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Turkey*
Promotion: UK package includes FREE writing up to 500 words or FREE translation up to 1,000 words.

 North America-2 countries

 Latin America-15 countries
Brazil*, Argentina*, Colombia*, Peru*, Chile*, Mexico*, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Dominica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Puerto Rico

 Africa-29 countries
Mainly target on top 15 major economies: Nigeria*, * South Africa, Egypt*, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, Kenya*, Ethiopia, Tanzania*, Ghana*,  Ivory Coast*, Guinea*,  Senegal*, Cameroon*,  Uganda*

 Australia & New Zealand

1, Requirements & Communications
2, Signing Agreement & Processing Payment
3, Press Release Writing
4, Distribution & Publication
5, Issuing Report

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