XKB Connectivity provide 3D download service to help customers design speed up(News Release China-The China Box)

Date:2020-09-23 14:36
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GuangdongXKB Holdings Co., Ltd .(abbreviated as XKB) is a leading connector supplier in China. Over the years has been committed to creating a first-class user experience, so that engineers and designers can quickly and easily access the resources and tools required in the work, can quickly design highly competitive products.(News Release China-The China Box)

For many years XKB always adhere to customer-centered. In order to provide customers with truly comprehensive digital services, since 2017, the experienced Engineering Division has worked tirelessly to focus on R & D day and night, only to provide customers with a more comprehensive and high-quality 3 D,CAD model library.(News Release China-The China Box)
XKB, as an industry leader, XKB believe the importance of opening up to customers to product 3 D. The opening of the SIP download service means that designers and engineers can immediately configure a variety of 3 D models, all of which can be downloaded open and have PCB packages and symbols in all major CAD formats.
(News Release China-The China Box)

Availability of future-oriented and down-compatible CAD data is critical to improving communication between enterprises and engineers and developers. Customers hope to be able to use the most appropriate 3 D to simply carry out product design, obtain the latest product information, open SIP download services can provide protection for the best services provided by customers. This can not only save the time of product development, but also improve the design efficiency and the accuracy of model data.

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