Dotard Village Gallery, the vault to Asia's upcoming artists (China Newswire-The China Box)

Date:2021-08-02 14:27
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Dotard Village is an exclusive Art Club founded in Hong Kong which strives to be the leading forefront contemporary art gallery within the region. (China Newswire-The China Box)

The gallery's mission statement is to groom and showcase talented yet lesser-known artists at the same time pledging portion of its revenue to donations to local charitable organizations. The gallery operates in Taipei, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur with onboard art experts, curators and consultants from Taiwan, Singapore, China and Thailand. (China Newswire-The China Box)
Dotard Village understood that in order to stay ahead of the industry, the gallery needed to expand into 3D, VR and AR art form. A new department was quickly formed and immediately launched a series of activities notably an incubation program in collaboration with Universities within the region. Aiming to develop and nurture young talents for this upcoming art form. (China Newswire-The China Box)
Dotard Village's vision quickly drew attention of many art critics and institutional investors. As a result, it's very first commissioned self-taught salon artist's D.G Lampaulus’ entire collection was scooped up for 360k USD within its first month's exhibition. (China Newswire-The China Box)
D.G Lampaulus is a talented self taught artist who grew up in Hong Kong. He was borne into a family with limited resources but gifted with unlimited talent in art. He was accoladed with distinction awards in several community art competitions but had to forego his passion to become a professional artist for the sake of relieving family financial burden and parents’ expectations. (China Newswire-The China Box)
D.G Lampaulus worked hard and eventually topped furthered his studies in Australia, U.S and finally got his finance doctorate in Belgium. His hard work paid off and soon became a shinning star in the finance sector serving the fortune 500s specializing in mergers and acquisition as well as IPO-ing. (China Newswire-The China Box)
2020 was a year of turmoil with Covid-19 devastating many economies and spinning the world out of control. D.G Lampaulus on the other hand was expecting his first child, an angel sent from heaven to remind him that in times of chaos, there is life and hope. (China Newswire-The China Box)
The series of events put his light speed life momentum to a stop but also provided him a calmed and clear state of mind. He started to ponder the meaning of life and what to gift to his child. (China Newswire-The China Box)

One day he picked up his paint brushes and painted. He painted his child, his philosophical views on life, men’s inter relations and role in the universe. Each painting had a deep meaningful verse like was texted to him from another dimension.  (China Newswire-The China Box)
His work is vibrant in color, packed with emotion and at the same time leaving a lot to imagine. Many critics actually reviewed that the works showed glimpsed of resemblance on trending mainstream artists like Yoshitomo Nara and Javier Calleja.  (China Newswire-The China Box)
Dotard Village was right betting on D.G Lampaulus and commissioned his upcoming three series of art. What the gallery and artist has to offer next is very exciting and much anticipated. 

(China Newswire-The China Box)
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