Puppyoo Cleans Up in US Despite China-US Trade War (Press Release Distribution China-The China Box)

Date:2019-12-31 17:29
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The recent escalating trade row between the US and China, which has seen both sides impose tariffs of 25%, has left many US and Chinese companies with concerns about the strength of external and domestic demand; however, there is one company that is cleaning up. Puppyoo, the market-leading Chinese vacuum appliance manufacturer, continues to provide high-quality products to customers in the US market even in the face of increasing trade tensions. (Press Release Distribution China-The China Box)

Puppyoo, which was founded 19 years ago, has long been established as a market leader in China for providing lightweight, practical cleaning tools to suit the needs of its users. Puppyoo products are sold to 86 countries worldwide including the USA and despite recent tensions, their trade in America has been uninfluenced.(Press Release Distribution China-The China Box)

By focusing on vacuums, Puppyoo has been able to hone their craft in creating sophisticated cleaning technology which allows customers to clean their homes with maximum ease. Whether you are looking for something lightweight, cordless or simply a cleaner that can handle even the biggest of messes, Puppyoo has the right vacuum cleaner for the job with a broad range of products including corded stick vacuums, cordless vacuums, UV mattress vacuums, robotic vacuums and canister vacuums.(Press Release Distribution China-The China Box)

Puppyoo is fortunate to operate in a sector in which tariffs have not increased and as such it has been able to continue to offer its US customers high quality cleaning devices at affordable prices.  This has allowed the company to maintain its competitive advantage in the market and continue to offer its customers exceptional value.

Puppyoo’s aim is to make cleaning hassle free, so its customers are not only going through the motions when doing household chores but can ‘enjoy your cleaning life’.

About Puppyoo
Since its foundation in 1999, Puppyoo’s core focus has been on the development and sales of household cleaning devices. After 19 years, Puppyoo has securely established itself as the leading brand in the vacuum cleaning industry in China. In December 2016, Puppyoo listed on OTC Bulletin Board (traded as 870077), pioneering the way as the first Chinese internet household appliance company to be stock listed.

Puppyoo has gained more than 100 technology patents across a broad range of cleaning appliance products including canister, stick/ upright, UV mattress, car and robot vacuum cleaners. Puppyoo products have already been sold to 86 countries worldwide, offering a carefree warranty.

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