How to Evaluate Press Release Distribution Services (News Release China-The China Box)

发布日期:2020-09-22 12:45
Getting publicity for your brand is no simple task. It’s one of those things that you must get right the first time — more like the popular saying about not getting a second chance to make the first impression.(News Release China-The China Box)

Getting your publicity campaign wrong is costly, not to mention how bad it will reflect on your brand. Due to the delicate nature of press release distribution campaigns, entrepreneurs have to thread with caution and ensure that they are making the right decisions at all times.(News Release China-The China Box)

Hopefully, when you are done reading this article, you would understand all there is to evaluate press release distribution services and approach your next press release differently. Read on!(News Release China-The China Box)

Let’s start by understanding what press release is and then proceed to how you can evaluate press release distribution services. Shall we?(News Release China-The China Box)

What is Press Release?

You can think of press releases as a way of telling the “world” about your brand. It’s a perfect way of making important announcements like the launch of a new project or product, initiatives, news, or any other major events.

In addition to enhancing your brand’s visibility, press releases can also serve as an effective marketing tool.

Imagine your brand being announced on popular digital media platforms, including social media platforms, authority websites, and blogs in your business niche. This is how much prospects you can reach and coverage you can get — considering the millions of internet users spread all over the world.

These are just a few ways in which press releases can help propel your brand. Now, to press release distribution.

What is Press Release Distribution?

Writing your press release and polishing it up for publication is just half the job. You have to find the right medium and expertise to distribute your press release — that is, getting your message to the right audience (target audience).

There are quite a lot of companies or agencies offering these services, and they are mostly online — all thanks to the internet.

While online press release distribution services are available online for your convenience, you have to be careful about who you are handing your publicity campaign to.  Been careful with who you are entrusting such an important task to calls for critical evaluation of press release distribution services.

Here is what you should look out in your evaluation:

1.The Type of press Release you want to put out

Having an idea of the different types of press releases will help make your evaluation easy and also help make an informed decision.

·General News

Almost everyone is familiar with this type of press release. This is what companies do to announce major milestones, awards, or contests. Usually, the idea behind general news is to gain publicity, either online or offline.

·Launch Press Release

The name already sells itself. Launch press releases are intended for announcing the launch of new products, services, company or a website — anything at all. This type of press release is used to create a sense of urgency in anticipation of upcoming news.

·Event Press Release

If you are looking to announce an upcoming event, this is what you need. While at it, it’s important to explain the details and specifics of the event as clearly as possible. Clarity and precision are also very important.

Also, use bullets or outline information in a list format to help your audience digest the information easily.

Other types of press releases include

·Product press release
·Executive, staff and employee press release
·Expert position Press release — this type of press release is used to establish the authority and credibility of a company or a person in the company.
Other factors to consider in your evaluation of press release distribution services are;

2. Timeliness

3. Credibility or Track record

4. The extent of coverage or publicity

5. Access to top-tier media outlets and of course

6. Affordability – are the services pocket friendly?

These are all very important factors to consider when evaluating press release distribution services.

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